Monday, April 25, 2011

Lickings You'll Love - Flex tongue Review From EF

If you're looking for a sexy toy to slow down and enjoy the moment with, this just might be the vibrator for you. The tantalizing texture, tapered shape of the shaft and strong clitoral stimulation make this a very unique rabbit.

Uniquely textured like real taste buds, Flexible, sturdy shaft. Easy to bend, stays where you put it

Speed dial gets slick with lubricant and can become hard to turn, Weak vibration in shaft

Intensity Level: 4/5

Noise Level: 2/5



The Flex Tongue – G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator from Lady Calston is unique down to its individually shaped and sized taste buds. The shaft and clitoral stimulator are covered in realistic over-sized bumps, and despite how enjoyable its flex feature is, I believe this is the main selling point of this toy - with a little lube it really feels like being licked.

The Flex Tongue can be used wherever you'd enjoy a real tongue - over your vaginal and anal areas, thighs, stomach, breasts, neck; its possibilities are endless. When you are done teasing and ready to move on to the main act, just use the flex feature for intense G-spot attention, or straighten the shaft for anal insertion (but remember to use a condom when sharing anally and vaginally, as jelly is porous and can not be sterilized completely). The toy is waterproof; for added fun, you can try the Flex Tongue in the bath or shower. When teasing with the tongues, it can be used in conjunction with other teasing accessories like nipple toys or a clitoral vibe. When penetrating, you can add in anal toys for a delicious triple threat. The Flex Tongue’s wide range of uses is perfect for everyone. It can add a new level to solo play or enhance time spent together with your partner.

Material / Texture:

The Flex Tongue is made of soft, squishy jelly material. It is very forgiving, making penetration comfortable. There is a very slight jelly smell when the toy is placed directly under the nose, but no noticeable taste. The material cannot be fully sterilized, thus it is important to always use a condom when sharing the toy with others or using anally to vaginally.

The base is a hard, sturdy plastic with no risk of cracking. The surface of the shaft and clitoral stimulator is covered with a light studded texture which varies in size and perfectly replicates a real tongue. It can be enjoyed by the newest beginner to the most advanced sex toy connoisseur.

Design / Shape / Size:

The design of this toy is phenomenal. The aptly named Flex Tongue's flexible yet sturdy shaft bends to your desired position and holds it so you don't have to stop during the moment. It is perfect for G-Spot stimulation with the flexible shaft allowing for just the right amount of pressure. The shaft can be bent straight for those who prefer the shape of traditional vibrators over G-spot stimulation or for anal insertion. The vibrations are gentle in the shaft yet strong in the clitoral attachment. The clitoral tongue is placed up high enough on the shaft for it to reach the clitoris without having to insert the head of the shaft past the G-spot, making both bullets work very well together.

Like the name suggests, the Flex Tongue is shaped like two tongues, one as the main shaft and a miniature as the clitoral vibrator. The girth is a bit slimmer than most more phallic shaped rabbits, which is unusual, and exactly what I was looking for. The toy is about 22cm long, with 13cm insertable, and a diameter of 4cm at it's thickest, with a taper to 3cm at the tip. The size and the tapering of the tongue shape makes this vibe perfect for beginners, but the flexibility and unique texture certainly bring something to the table for advanced users and collectors.

It has a low noise level and is easy enough to keep discreet. It can be good for travel due to the waterproofing. Because jelly is prone to picking up unwanted things like dust and pet hair, it is best to place it in a sealed plastic bag to keep it clean.

Functions / Performance / Controls:

This toy is very sensual. Getting warmed up with the unique tongue texture is just as much a selling point as the actual rabbit aspect. The Flex Tongue has two bullets located in the top of the shaft and the clitoral attachment, and at max settings, the clitoral bullet is quite strong. The bullet in the shaft is a bit weaker, which may just be due to the placement within the thicker material of the shaft compared to the clit tongue's thinner girth.

The unit is controlled with a simple twist dial, making it easy to tell what setting it is on but can be a bit slippery and hard to twist when it becomes covered in lubricant. It is multispeed, but all of the settings are virtually indistinguishable, creating a smooth, gradual increase from lowest power to highest. Even on the highest setting, I'd only give the Flex Tongue 2 Bees. It's not a noisy little device, though it can be heard through the covers, but not over a TV or shower.

I found the Flex Tongue to be just as enjoyable in the water as in bed and had no problems with leaks in the waterproofing or shorts

Care and Maintenance:

This toy is very easy to take care of provided you remember a few things about the material it is made of. Since jelly attracts unwanted material, always store in a fully enclosed container (such as a plastic bag) and make sure to wash it before use if it has become covered in dust or lint.

The Flex Tongue is compatible with both silicone and water based lubricants.

To clean, simply wash with warm water and toy cleaner. Do not boil it as it may cause the jelly to deform. Avoid strong soaps. To store, place in a cool, dark place, away from other jelly toys to preserve shape and color.


I generally prefer very high-powered vibrations in my toys, but I have to say that I was completely won over by the texture of the Flex Tongue. The sensuality of just moving the tongue over my body was something completely different than what I'm used to, and I found that I enjoyed that. It's a great reminder that as nice as quickies are, sometimes it's nice to slow down and enjoy the moment more than I usually spend time doing.

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